Adverse Childhood Experiences and the path towards healing. You are not alone.
I share my trials, my victories, and my stories with you in hopes that if any of you were ever touched by childhood abuse or neglect, as I was, you will see yourselves in my experiences and feel strengthened to voice what you had not been able to before. I hope we can learn together why we respond to life through a particular lens, and that there are ways to climb out of this prison of pain, silence, and shame.
My name is Bess Hilpert

Joy Bomb

Each Moment is Precious…

I am shifting the focus this week to joy.

My heart is full of joy as I get to see one of my sons that I have not seen in eight months. As your children grow and go out on their own, the love you felt for them when they emerged into this world does not diminish with physical age. Perhaps it deepens with the wisdom of life.

I get to feel his arms around me and thus feel God’s love for me pouring into my soul as only a child (now man) can do. I get to see his light shine and share in his life, his trials, and his accomplishments. What a gift. You see, there was a moment when I thought that light had been extinguished, but by the grace of the big Yes, he is shining his light ever brighter. I will be basking in that light, staring into those eyes, and smiling into his smile.

I also get to see my best friend whom I have not seen in one year. She has shared in all of my trials and victories and embraced my sons as her own. She has walked the sidewalk beside me. What joy.

Hold your children close. Be grateful for every day and every moment you have with them. Let each encounter be a joy bomb.

Hold space for those you love. Each moment is precious. Let each encounter with someone you love be a joy bomb.

Now go out and have a joy bomb day! I am.

I will leave you with this from Robert Louis Stevenson; “Find out where joy resides and give it a voice beyond singing. For to miss the joy is to miss it all.”

Until next time, friends.

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